Your reception design must reflect your brand

Your reception design must reflect your brand

First impressions are everything. Indeed, the subconscious makes instant judgments that can fortunately or unfortunately alter a situation in less than 7 seconds.

In most offices, the first space the visitor sees is the lobby. These reception areas must therefore do more than just welcome guests. The more welcoming they are, the better. And they must portray an accurate image of the company’s brand.

Does the company use its reception area to create a meaningful connection, create the right atmosphere and send the right messages? These questions are important because the reception is where an organization can communicate its essence. The lobby allows a business to show what it believes in and what it’s trying to achieve. The reception area tells a story, it’s a place of differentiation and personalization.

A lackluster reception area, a neglected space or an atmosphere that isn’t coherent with the company’s personality, these are all missed opportunities. Even worse, they can act as a commercial disadvantage. By not communicating the vision and strengths of the organization, the reception area can be a drag on customers and potential employees.

Indeed, what the lobby communicates is just as important for employees as it is for guests.

A large lobby can inspire a sense of pride and connection. It can remind employees of the goals they are working towards. A beautiful reception design can also facilitate productivity and creativity. This can foster engagement at a time when more disengaged office workers are hired, according to the Steelcase 2016 global report.

The reception area becomes a space that can also serve as a discussion area or gathering point for mobile workers. Smart and collaborative companies design and organize their office receptions to act as work areas and intermediate spaces that can meet different needs at different times of the day.

But whatever its design, the reception hall must present an authentic experience of the brand and communicate its culture.

When designing the space for your office reception, keep in mind that when someone walks through the front door of the business, they instantly discover your business culture.

Here are some questions to be asked and answered in the process:

• What type of look are you looking for? Modern, traditional, art deco, nature-inspired?

• What type of materials do you want for the counter? Natural, recovered and sustainable materials?

• What type of lighting do you want? Hanging lights, neon lights, dynamic lights?

• Do you want to incorporate your company’s brand and colour palette in a prominent manner?

• What type of furniture do you plan to install? Upholstered seats, a large sofa, lounge chairs or high chairs?

Need inspiration for the design of a reception area that reflects your business? Contact the Lib. experts, they’ll help you!


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